Do you want 37 microwave transmitters installed against your bedroom wall?

This is a picture of just one of the electrical rooms at 140 South Van Ness/ 1655 Mission Street. These meters are up against the wall of a condo – maybe yours? – and close to many others. Unless you stop them, PG&E will replace them with microwave emitting Smart Meters this Wednesday morning (August 10th). Each Smart Meter far exceeds EPA safety limits, and there are five more banks of meters just like it throughout the building.

PG&E will not claim large banks of Start Meters are safe because, well, they’re not. I challenge you to find an applicable safety study on the PG&E website – you won’t. In fact, the US Navy has classified microwave transmitters as weapons, as detailed in this report. Even the Green Party opposes Smart Meter installation because of health and environmental concerns.

Yes, cellphones and wireless routers are bad too, but you don’t live beside 40 of them and you can turn yours off if you’re electromagnetically sensitive.

You MUST call PG&E at (866) 743-0263 before Wednesday and demand to be put on the “deferment list” so your analog meter is not replaced by a Smart Meter. Do not take no for an answer – your health depends on it.

You will not be charged and PG&E can’t charge you extra in future unless the California Public Utilities Commission lets them.

Please check out the YouTube videos below and make up your own mind about the safety of the Smart Meters before PG&E does it for you.

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